Why ES?
Evangel Seminary (ES) holds firm to the evangelical faith, believing steadfastly in the divine inspiration of both the Old and New Testaments. The Bible is absolutely infallible and trustworthy. It is the living word of God and the highest standard of Christian faith and practice.

We believe that academic research and ministerial service must be grounded on a vital spiritual life. Moreover, spiritual discipline is achieved by integrating the learning through the curricula and the extra-curricula activities, individual study and group, and within the seminary and the church. The ultimate aim is to build up a lively spiritual life that can support a multi-faceted ministry and to equip church workers for today who have both Christ-like character and spiritual leadership in order to build up the Kingdom of God especially by Preaching, Pastoring and Leading.

To nurture the spiritual growth of the students, there are courses for personal growth and spiritual transformation in the curricula. For the informal education, chapels (sermons, prayers, and testimonies), class meetings and devotional retreats are held regularly to enhance the spiritual life. There are also supporting groups among the students, and individual mentoring between teachers and students.

ES also emphasizes practical training. Therefore, the practicum includes different kinds of ministry which provide a wide variety of opportunities for the students to learn various ministerial structures, planning and to put biblical principles into practice.